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The Lund (Olaf and Ingeborg Johnson) wedding reception in Chicago. Anna and Alf Hansen attended (seated in the front row on the right). Ingeborg and Olaf later divorced. After Anna's death, Alf and Ingebor married. Karoline is standing on the right. Note the flags; this may be at the club below.

A postcard of a picnic in a Chicago park. Kamilla's sister Anna is ther with her husband and baby, their first child, Anne. Also attending are the Lunds (Olaf and Ingeborg) and the Oscar Martin, who with his wife Elizabeth, (not shown), were the sponsors of quite a few immigrants to come to Chicago. The third couple is Olav and Anna Martins (and their daughter,Bertha).

The postcard on the left was sent to Karoline in Norway. This is the back of that postcard

The Norwegian / American Social Club

Martin and Kamilla at the club

This is the church where Martin and Kamilla were wed.

Kamilla and Martin, probably shrtly after they were wed.

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