Texas, Finally!

Moving To Texas!


Again Martin's health was a problem. This time he had an asthmatic type illness and the Doctor recommended a drier climate.


Martin and Kamilla took an exploratory trip west in ?? and decided to move to SA. As their sons were all involved in the business, they moved as well. Initially, Martin opened another Lumber store. (Did he sell the Tampa one? Did they move all of their furniture? How did Martin dispose of the business?

The Children

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See other images of from Tampa and some trips that were taken during this time.

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Helen married Milton Harding of Limona FL, on 12/3/1933 so it is unclear if she worked long or not. She met him because he lived with his sister in Brandon on their street. Apparently he socialized with the family because there is a great picture of him playing with Ray (as a toddler) at Bullfrog Creek in 1931. In 1934, they went on a honeymoon to Minnesota and visited Helen's first home, Sunny Hill Farm . Mildred remembers that Milton had a very good job and that Helen did not have to work. By the time she had Barbara, she could employ someone in the house to help with the baby. WHAT did they do? Factory when, where?Their second daughter, Shirley was born 10/17/1942. When and why did they move to FW? What did Milton do there? Was he in WWII? If so where?


Margaret worked for the Sharp family (of the Sharp & Smith Cadillac Company) taking care of children and cooking. Later Margaret worked for a cafeteria. Margaret, Mildred, and Esther enjoyed dancing went to dances at the American Legion Club where Margaret met her future husband, Walter. On the 5th of December, 1937, Margaret married Walter Shaw in Tampa. Clifford was born 9/5/1938, Wanda, 4/18/1941, and Loretta, 11/17/1943.


Mildred remembers attending Hillsborough High School while her father was building houses nearby. She rode to the school with a teacher who lived near the business. The teacher had a daughter who was Mildred's friend. At 16, Mildred worked for Dr. Lowery's family taking care of their children, a little girl, and a baby boy. The Lowery's agreed to let Mildred continue her high school education at Plant High School and even bought her a typewriter to learn typing. Later Mildred remembers staying with Helen, attending Brewster Tech, and working at a restaurant with Esther. Mildred attended dances with her sisters. One afternoon, outside a corner drug store a friend introduced her to Cecil. At that time he was working as a wrecker driver. He went to the dance that evening and she was wearing a pink sharkskin suit. They married August 28, 1938. At that time Cecil was working a Sinclair Gas Station on Lafayette across from Tampa Terrace. Did Mildred quit work when she married? Mildred's husband was drafted and spent the war years in the USA working as an MP.


Esther married Walter Macon 1/26/1939. Where did they live? Their children were Judy, Ronnie, and Carol Sue. Walter and Esther moved to SA and Walter was involved in the building business.

The Boys

The boys had an ice shop out in front of the store. Norman remembers starting to smoke by picking up the cigarette butts from the Masonic Lodge next door. He also remembers tearing into Palmer and Raymond when they did the same. As the business grew, the name changed to Broadway Roofing, Builder's Supply, Grocery, Lumber, Ice.

As his sons grew older (and taller), they towered over their Dad. After the girls left home there was more room for the "boys" and more $$. What is the date of the car photo? The three boys enlisted in the armed forces during WWII. schooling, cars, etc worked for Dad



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