Kamilla is in Chicago!

Kamilla arrived in Chicago when she was 18 years old.

At first, she probably lived with Anna, one of her sisters. Kamilla may have initially found work in the millinery trade (making hats). Later she found a better paying position as a domestic help with a successful family in Chicago. Mildred remembers hearing that Kamilla said that she cooked for a family.

Kamilla's sister Karoline also visited Chicago.

Kamilla enjoyed music and had a beautiful alto voice and was in demand as a singer. Additionally she was a good dancer. While she was in Chicago, she accompanied her friends to s Norwegian Social club. It was at the social club that she met Martin Woldhagen. On one occasion, she and Martin entered and won a waltz contest during which the heel of the feet could not touch the floor. Chalk was placed on the heels of the participants' shoes and any contestants who left a chalk mark were disqualified.  

Martin and Kamilla married in Chicago on March 17, 1911 at the Norwegian Lutheran Church in Chicago on the northwest corner of Logan Square. (Den Norsk Lutherske Mindekirke).

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Note: One interesting custom arose sometime during this immigration period. Many people had their photos taken and printed on postcards, which were mailed to their families in Europe. Several of these photos exist in the Woldhagen family, some of which were mailed to family in Norway.

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Anna was the first to emigrate. It is uncertain exactly when when she came to Chicago, or what she did when she arrived. She may have worked as a domestic for one of the successful families of Chicago like so many young immigrant women as there were very few other jobs open to them. She married Alf Hansen in 1907 in Chicago. When Anna died in 1920 she was a mother of 4 children (Anne Hansen, b 29 Apr 1908, Henry A. Hansen, b 6 Jan 1911, John R. Hansen ,b 29 Nov 1916, and the baby, Chester, b. 1 October 1918.) Chester Hansen now lives in Arizona and has contributed information to this web site.

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There is evidence that Karoline was still in Norway on 19 August 1908 because Anna mailed her a postcard with that date. At that time Anna had already been married to Alf Hansen and at least one child, Anne was born. On the postcard Anna is pictured with her husband, baby Anne, Ingebar Hansen Lund &endash;maybe this is Alf's sister- and her husband Olaf Lund and the Martins. It is noted somewhere that some of reelatives took the name Martin when they emigrated so these may be them. According to a photograph, Karoline visited Anna in Chicago when she had two of her children. In 1911, there is another postcard mailed from Chicago to Karoline in Norway from Kamilla. Karoline kept in contact with Kamilla over the years and visited her at both in Minnesota and Florida.

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Kamilla may have done domestic work for one of the successful families of Chicago like so many young immigrant women (there were very few other jobs that were open to young women).

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