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Apparently, Petra and Anders Karlson married in 10 Sep 1882 , in Vestre Aker, Oslo, Akershus, Norway according to this marriage record available at LDS site (http://www.familysearch.org/)

Petra HOLMSEN Sex: F
Spouse: Anders Peter KARLSON
10 Sep 1882 , Vestre Aker, Oslo, Akershus, Norway

Kamilla's parents, Petra and Anders (also known as Karl) Karlson (also spelled Karlsen and Karlsson) had 4 children. The first was Anna, a daughter, the next was probably a son Karl, who died at age seven, followed by two more daughters, Karoline, and Kamilla. Karl or his family was from Sweden. (At the time of the children's births, Norway was still a Swedish territory.) Note, in the Woldhagen family, Anders is often referred to as Karl. (This may have been a "nickname".)

Petra was a widow and she was using her married name, Holmsen, when she married Anders Karlson. She also had at least 4 children from her first marriage, Petra, Olgat, Herman, and Olaf. The second youngest child of this group was Herman Holmsen (his wife was Lydia) who is the father of Arthur Holmsen. Arthur and his wife Signe had 3 children, Elsa, Olstein and Lillian. Lillian has visited the Woldhagen's in Texas and was visited by members of the American Woldhagen family (including Doug White) at her apartment in the Oslo area. There was also an Agoth Holmsen who married Carl Anderson and had three children, Reidar, Einar, and Gunar. There is also a reference to an Aunt Ola.

Karl was a antiques dealer and furniture finisher (information from Lillian) with a shop on Kunghanswei.

Sometime in the early 1900's, the family moved to a home at Liabroveien 114 in Oslo. This is the address on the surviving postcards mailed to Karoline Karlsen from her sisters in Chicago. This home (see photos in the Family Images section of this site) overlooked the harbor. At this time, their previous address is unknown. Note: In Norway's 1900 census, there aren't any "good matches" for a Karl but some definite possibilities for Anders. I did find a Petra Karlsen at 0723 Tjømø in the 1900 census for 0301 Kristiania with a daughter Kamilla but the other names (husband is listed as Kristian) and dates do not quite match up. In this record, Petra's birth year is listed as 1866 which is possible. There was also an Anders Karlsen at Heimdalsgaden 38 with a daughter, Anna, born in 1883

Petra took care of her home and children. Petra's origins are unsure. Mortensen is probably her maiden name. Lillian once told Doug White that Petra's brother, Oscar, was the head of Parliament. Her first husband was probably a Mr. Holmsen. His father's first name could have been Holm. (Note the "sen" ending.)

Petra died May 11, 1929 and Karl died January 21, 1937.

Anna Karlsen (on the left), who was the eldest daughter, is shown here with her sister Kamilla, She was born in .

She left Oslo in 1904 for the Chicago, where she had an Aunt and Uncle living. While there, she met and married Alf Hansen. Her eldest, Anne, was born in 1908. Anna was the first to emigrate. It is uncertain exactly when when she came to Chicago, or what she did when she arrived. She may have worked as a domestic for one of the successful families of Chicago like so many young immigrant women as there were very few other jobs open to them. She married Alf Hansen in 1907 in Chicago. When Anna died in 1920 she was a mother of 4 children (Anne Hansen, b 29 Apr 1908, Henry A. Hansen, b 6 Jan 1911, John R. Hansen ,b 29 Nov 1916, and the baby, Chester, b. 1 October 1918.) Chester Hansen now lives in Arizona and has contributed information to this web site.

Karoline Karlsen (on the left, shown here with her sister Kamilla, was born in

Karoline seemed to travel a great deal. According to a photograph postcard, Karoline visited Anna in Chicago when she had two of her children. In 1911, there is another postcard mailed from Chicago to Karoline in Norway from Kamilla. There is evidence that Karoline was still in Norway on 19 August 1908 because Anna mailed her a postcard with that date. At that time Anna had already been married to Alf Hansen and at least one child, Anne was born. On the postcard Anna is pictured with her husband, baby Anne, Ingebar Hansen Lund &endash;maybe this is Alf's sister- and her husband Olaf Lund and the Martins. It is noted somewhere that some of relatives took the name Martin when they emigrated so these may be them. According to a photograph, Karoline visited Anna in Chicago when she had two of her children. In 1911, there is another postcard mailed from Chicago to Karoline in Norway from Kamilla. Karoline kept in contact with Kamilla over the years and visited her at both in Minnesota and Florida.


Herman Holmsen married Lydia ans had at least one child, Arthur. Arthur settled in Norway but may have visited or perhaps immigrated to the USA. Herman's children


Thoraf and Einar Mortensen

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