Kamilla's Trip to the USA

Kamilla's sister Anna sailed to the USA in 1904. While there she met and married Alf Hansen (also from Norway) and were living in Chicago. Perhaps with Anna's financial assistance, Kamilla decided to visit her sister, Anna. Many Norwegians had sent glowing reports about America telling about the freedoms, economic opportunities and affordable land. She may have wanted to see if she, too, could find a good job. (Kamilla also had an aunt and uncle, the Martinson's, in Chicago but it is unclear when they came to the USA.) Kamilla migrated in 1909 at the age of 18 and made a trip similar to Martin's, again without English fluency .

Anna sent a picture postcard from Chicago of herself, husband, and first child, Anne, as part of a picnicing group in 1908.

Kamilla's sister, Karoline may have travelled with her to visit Anna. There are pictures of her in Chicago and later back in Oslo, and then again in the USA. The number of trips that she made is not known.

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Anna's trip

Anna Kristine Hansen came to the USA on the Oscar II in 1904. On the ship's manifest, she is listed as being 18 years of age, unmarried, from Vaaler, Solor. Her destination was Chicago and her fare was prepaid. There is another listing of 40.00 which is described as "medbragten penge". The Martin's (Petra's brother and sister-in-law) were living in Chicago.

Anna's Marriage

Anna met Alf Henry Hansen in Chicago. They married on 6 September 1907 when Alf was 28 and Anna, 22. The official notice of the marriage was filed in the Cook County records on 10 September 1907.

Lack of opportunities led to Emigration:

In Norway, the late 1800's and early 1900's were a time and place when farming did not offer a promising future and emigration to the USA was a popular alternative for both religious freedom and economic opportunity. The population was expanding and Norway had been chafing under Sweden's dominance. Politically, the conflict with Sweden was finally coming to a resolution. A Norwegian referendum in August1905 ended the "union".

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Mildred remembers Kamilla's ability to speak English and feels that she must have had some knowledge of English before she left Norway. Certainly, Kamilla would have had more opportunity to be exposed to English because she lived in Oslo

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