The Port of Boston

Small picture of Martin at 16 or 17 years

In 1906, at the age of 17, Martin arrived in the USA at Boston.

Statue of Liberty

Although most of the Woldhagen family came in through Boston (Nils, Martin, and Olga). Nils' family, arrived in New York City where they would have seen the Statue of Liberty,

Ellis Island

All passengers were processed through Immigration. Martin would have been checked for diseases before he was allowed entry. He would have filled out forms where he used his name, Martin Hansen (Hansen because he was Hans' son) with the farm name, Voldhagen (Woldhagen) as his last name. He used this name on the ship manifest. Nils, his wife, and children were already using "Woldhagen" as a last name.

Ray's "Family History" states that Martin took Woldhagen as a "family name" rather than Voldhagen because the V is not pronounced the same in Norwegian and English. Writing Voldhagen with a "W" helped others to correctly pronounce it. Another explanation may be that this was done because Nils had used that name when he entered the US.

Mildred remembers this story. Although Martin was becoming more fluent in English, he was probably difficult to understand.

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