The Map

This map is very large scale. Notice the light squares on the map. The side of each square is 1 km.

Melhus is approximately 20 km SSW of Trondheim connected by a road labeled E6.



The Farms

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TOP: There are four family farms in this Melhus area map. In the top rectangle are the Oyas (Oyaas) and Reiten (Rejten) farms. Martin Woldhagen's Uncle Jon bought the Oyaas farm. Martin's paternal grandfather, Nils Tomassen married Marit Joensdatter of the Reitan Farm. This is where Martin's father, Hans, was born.


MIDDLE: The middle rectangle shows the location of the Vollhagan (Vollahagan, Voldhagan) Farm where Martin Woldhagen was born and where he lived until he left Norway for the USA.


BOTTOM: The Skietne Farm (also known as Skjetne) is in the bottom rectangle. This is where Martin Woldhagen's paternal grandfather, Nils Tomassen, his great-grandfather, Tomas Nilssen and his great-great-grandfather, Nils Tomassen were born.


Martin's Story:

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