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His father was Hans Nilsen (b. April 1, 1831). Hans grew up on the Rejten Farm. Farm names were sometimes used as part of the name of a person. Therfore, if a person moved, part of their name would change. When Hans was on the Rejten Farm (the first 42 years of his life) He would have been known as Hans Nilsen or Hans Nilsen Rejten. When he bought and moved to the Vollahågån Farm, he would have been known as Hans Nilsen or Hans Nilsen Vollahågån. When Hans and Sigri married (March 23, 1874), he would have been almost 43 years old. After the Vollahågån farm was sold in 1905, he moved to another farm in the area and was again known as Hans Nilsen Reiten

Vollahågån farm ownership:

1873 -1902 Hans Nilssen from Reiten, b. 1831, d. 1908
1903 -1905 Nils Hansen, b. 1875, went to America

Sigri Olsdatter (b. August 9, 1851) Sigri grew up in nearby Opdal, probably on a farm called Myhren and was 22 years old when she married.

Nils was Martin's oldest sibling. He was born on the Voldhagen Farm, Melhus, Norway in 1875. Sometime before 1903, he married Anna Swentsdatter.

Nils came to the US in 1903, probably for religious freedom as he wanted to be a Baptist preacher and the state church of Norway was Luthern. To pay for his way, he sold lumber from the family farm. At the time of his departure from Norway, he was married and was a father. He was the first to leave, followed by his wife and children.

Nils and Anna had five children Signy, Harald, Sverre (later known as Stanley), Johanne, and Thora. Anna followed Nils to the United States in 1906 accompanied by her five children ages 0-9 years old.

When he was in Chicago, Nils Hansen Woldhagen attended the University of Chicago, Dano-Norwegian Seminary. His diploma is dated 13 May 1908



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